2022 editions application

Durres (Albania), December 2021 | Mexico City (Mexico), February 2022 | Durres (Albania), March 2022 | Denpasar (Indonesia), September 2022

1. On this page, you can apply to the forthcoming editions of the Jean-Pictet Competition (Anglophone editions).

The deadline for application is 15 October 2021, 17:00 UTC, for the 36th edition; 8 November 2021, 17:00 UTC, for the 37th and 38th editions; and 15 April 2022, 17:00 UTC, for the 39th edition.

3. Applications must be written in French for candidates to the Francophone session (38th edition) and in English for candidates in any of the Anglophone sessions (36th, 37th, 38th or 39th edition). If, as a team, you are applying for both the Francophone and the Anglophone sessions, you must complete a file in each of the two languages.

4. No data is stored online, so make sure you have all the required documents before you start entering data. In particular, you will need the following four documents:

    - For each team member, a CV without an ID photo;

    - A certificate signed by a person in charge in the University, written on the basis of the model available here.

Each of these four documents must be in pdf format and less than 800 Kb in size.

5. Please note the following:

    - The answers to the three selection questions can be copied directly from a word processor while keeping the layout. Be careful not to exceed the maximum number of words and not to indicate anything (name of the University, names of the candidates...) that would make it possible to identify the answers to questions 1 and 2: they are evaluated anonymously.

    - For step 2, indicate your full name exactly as it appears on the passport you will use when you travel. If you use a diminutive of your first name (for example Kate instead of Katherine, Micha instead of Mikhail...) and want it to appear as such on your badge and the list of participants, indicate it in the field provided for this purpose.

    - The identity picture is not sent to the persons making the selection of the teams. It is necessary in order to create a badge in case of selection.

    - Applicants over 30 years old at the time of application must request a waiver, preferably before applying (see article 4 of the Competition Rules).

    - For steps 4, 5 and 6, you can enlarge the field for greater readability by "dragging" the lower right corner of the field concerned.

    - The request for support from the Universality Fund, if needed, must be done when completing the application form.

    - When you validate your application, you will receive a copy of all the information provided by email. Within 24 hours after your application, the Administrator of the Competition will confirm that the file is compliant. If you do not receive it, check the spam folder of your email and, if needed, send a message to christophe@concourspictet.org.

General information about the team:

Information on team members:

Member 1:

Member 2:

Member 3:


This page allows the three team members to sign online with the mouse, after having clicked on each of the four boxes. Should the three persons not be in the same location at the time of application, this template can be signed, scanned and uploaded instead.

We, the undersigned (names of the three candidates), representing (name of the university/institution) at the 2022 edition of the Jean-Pictet Competition:

Undertake to comply with the Regulations of the Competition and to be covered by the necessary insurances (civil liability, health, accident, repatriation) during the Competition;

Consent to the processing of our respective personal data contained in our application file for: 1) the purposes of the selection procedure; and 2) if our team is selected, for the conduct and direct follow-up of the Competition;

Also consent to the processing of our respective personal data that will be requested from us later in the event of the selection of our team (ID pictures, food constraints, difficulties in participation and contact details of people to contact in case of emergency).

We understand that the processing of this data will include, among other things:

1) For the selection procedure: the transmission of the application file in full or in part to the persons in charge of the selection procedure;

2) For the conduct and direct follow-up of the Competition:

- The transmission of the names and photographs of the participants necessary to enable them to be identified by the members of the jury, the Competition supervisors and the other participants;

- The very limited transmission of other sensitive data, which may be necessary for administrative or logistical reasons (in particular food constraints);

- The exchange of information between the members of the jury, tutors and the administration of the Competition for the preparation of reports on the performance of the team;

- The transmission of information to the designated contact persons within our university/institution;

- The transmission of necessary information in the context of the relationship with donors.

Selection questions:

Masks and International Humanitarian Law. (maximum 1000 words)

As the Director of International Law and Policy of the International Committee of the Red Cross, you have been asked to make an informal speech at a gathering of Special Advisers appointed in September 2021 by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. The topic of your speech is 'Distortion of International Humanitarian Law rules by international courts/tribunals and its consequences.' Write the speech. (maximum 1000 words)

Why should your team be selected to participate in the Jean-Pictet Competition? (maximum 1000 words)

Statistical information:

This section measures the support provided to the teams by their institution. The answers are not taken into account in the selection of teams; however, they are very valuable for the Committee for the Jean-Pictet Competition Committee in order to analyze the impact of the Competition and the resources to be provided to the teams.

Request for support from the Universality Fund:

This part must be completed ONLY if you wish to obtain support from the Universality Fund and you complete the criteria set out in the Regulations of the Competition.
No further requests will be considered.

If you completed all fields, please verify that all information are correct, and then click on "validate".