Jean-Pictet Competition

Application of volunteers

Every year, many people offer their services for participation in the organization of the Jean-Pictet Competition. The Competition's Steering Group examines the offers of service and invites volunteers to complete the team, made up of members of the Committee for the Jean-Pictet Competition and representatives of organizations supporting the Competition.

The Competition covers the travel costs (train or airplane, economy class) and accommodation costs for volunteers during the Competition. Volunteers do not receive any salary, allowance or per diem.

To apply: before 15 October 2017, send an email to christophe@concourspictet.org, with a recent CV and a letter of motivation related to the role for which you propose your services. If you think that a particular aspect could raise a real or perceived conflict of interest, please mention it.

Be aware that, in 2017, the number of applications received was several times greater than the number of successful candidates.

The Steering Group seeks to establish a balance of volunteers' profiles: gender, age, nationality, languages, professional profile, etc. In addition, applications from people involved in humanitarian field and/or in the promotion of the Competition are particularly appreciated. The Steering Group also intends to strike a balance between those who have already participated as volunteers, to facilitate the continuity of the spirit of the Competition, and those who never had this opportunity, to allow the greatest number of participants to attend. Finally, in accordance with established practice, 2017 participants are not eligible to participate in 2018 - a gap year is required between participation as a team member and return as a volunteer.

Four types of roles are sought:

1. Members of the jury (about ten persons sought)

Judges evaluate the teams in the first phase and the semi-finals. Being a member of the jury requires:

Apply if you love international humanitarian law and are willing to spend several consecutive days listening to and interacting with teams.

Do not apply if law bores you or if you hate doing several things at once.

2. Tutors (five to eight persons sought)

Tutors assist the teams on all non-legal aspects (see Rules 12 and 16 of the Competition Rules). Being a tutor requires:

Apply if you are more interested in learning than in international law itself, ready to attend events during the day and conduct debriefings during the evenings, possibly up to a late hour.

Do not apply if you are a nerd of law or if you prefer to talk rather than listen.

3. "Petits-Bras" (two to three persons sought)

In the terminology of the Competition, "Petits-Bras" organize the rooms, ensure the correct orientation of the participants and have the heavy task of distributing the documents to the teams. Being "Petit-Bras" requires:

Apply if you like to work with high peaks, with moments of stress cut off from calmer periods.

Do not apply if you are disorganized or ever late.

4. Members of the "kitchen" (about three persons sought)

In the terminology of the Competition, the members of the kitchen are the persons who prepare the case and all the documents necessary for the tests. Being a member of the kitchen requires:

Apply if you are willing to give all your energy for a week in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Do not apply if you like to sleep a lot or party during the evenings, or if you planned to finish your PhD just during the week of the competition.

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