2024 editions application

Bredene (Belgium), 25 February to 3 March 2024 and Pokhara (Nepal), 19 to 26 April 2024

With the exception of people benefiting from a special invitation from the CCJP, the application as a volunteer is reserved for people who have already participated in the Competition, either in a team or as a volunteer. A person who participated in a team cannot return as a volunteer the following year, but only two years later at least. The deadline for application is 15 November 2023.

Would you like to be:

Please explain why your selection would be an excellent choice for the next Competition, in the position (s) you propose to perform (1000 words maximum) - NB: this field is not needed for CCJP members, invitees and respresentatives of donors - for those persons, just indicate n/a in the field.

The CCJP covers your accommodation and meal expenses for the duration of the Competition. When selecting volunteers, priority is usually given to people whose travel costs do not require funding from the CCJP. However, if support is needed from us, please let us know the percentage of costs you would like to see borne by the CCJP:

If you completed all fields, please check that all information are correct, and then click on "validate".